The Trouble with Larry and Gary

One family's plan to prepare for the future has them regretting a past decision.

Picking the wrong contractor has put their plans in jeopardy.

With a sick husband and working as a nurse, it took Shirley Spears a long time to save up $15,000.

But it didn't take long for the contractor she hire to take off once he had been paid in full.

Shirley Spears says she saved for years to build an addition onto their Jefferson County home.

"My husband has dementia and eventually we're going to have to have some help with him," says Spears. "I don't know if I'll have our son move in with us or if we'll get an outsider to come in. But we have to have some more room. Our house is so small."

Spears had a friend recommend a work crew to do the jobMoffett Construction.

"It was Gary and Larry and they had a nephew in the house with them I found out named Jerry," recalls Spears.

The family paid over $15,000 for what was supposed to be a turn key job.

The Moffetts were paid 100 percent of the money but only did about fifty percent of the job.

It's been over a year since Shirley got that sinking feeling that she had been scammed.

"Well I thought that after he came and got the last money and he said they'd be back Monday morning and finish up everything," says Spears. "Well something come up and he called and he couldn't get here Monday. Then he called and it would be the next week. And I thought well I done messed up now because they are through with me. It's just really sad that I was so stupid."

"You really needed this project to pan out."

"I really needed this to pan out," answers Spears. "I sure did."

Shirley has been told it will cost another $7,000 to finish her room.

She would like to get $5,000 back from the Moffettsif she could find them.

Last she heard they were in the Brinkley area. If you know where we can find Gary or Larry Moffett, let us know.

Air date: January 16th, 2013