Monday could bring rough day for students, parents

Most schools still have one week left until their Christmas break, but those few days left could bring much concern to parents and students.

In the aftermath of what happened in Connecticut, Monday could bring new changes for school districts.

It's been more than 48 hours since that tragic scene Friday morning: parents losing children, children losing parents, spouses without their lifelong partners. Outside of that New England state, it still hits home with us.

It's a mass shooting that continues to put many around our nation on edge about their kids safety at school. Arkansas Surgeon General Dr. Joe Thompson hopes the young ones in our state will be protected, more from the mental pressure.

"So that the collateral damage that happened in Connecticut, it was tragedy and we as adults are going to want to know what happened, but protect your children," Thompson said.

Many schools across the nation this weekend are asking for additional patrols by law enforcement, some even going as far to have expected police dressed in street clothes this upcoming week.

Although more than 1,000 miles away from the shootings, Little Rock School District told us Sunday that it plans to have its standard security, but additional counselors are set to be available to students.

"I think parents need to realize our nation has a challenge, but for your child, you need to make sure that they feel safe," Thompson added. "They feel loved and that they're comfortable going to school to do what their job is, which is learning."

Pulaski County Sheriff's Department deputies expect to make additional rounds to its schools in the county on Monday.

LRSD has around 120 security officers of its own around schools.

Here's a link to help with knowing how to talk to your kids about the issue: