Mood Wrecker

When you park on private property, you run the risk of having your vehicle towed.

But even when you are in the wrong, wrecker services still have to follow the rules.

One Little Rock man says the rules weren't followed in his case. And it cost him more than $200.00.

This case has a twist, but it once again it involves an apartment complex contracting with a wrecker service to tow away cars and trucks parked where they don't belong.

Linwood Jacobs of Little Rock was visiting a friend back on February 12th when his friend's wife noticed his truck was gone.

At first Jacobs feared it had been stolen.

He soon learned it had been towed.

"They just said I was parked on the grass," says Jacobs. "Well I said there was no parking signno nothing. I told them we had parked there several times."

Jacobs parked under some pine trees on a large undeveloped lot rather than on the narrow Southboro Drive.

There is a "No Parking" sign nailed to one of those pine trees now, but there wasn't on the day Jacobs was towedand he took pictures to prove it.

The property adjoins Meadowcrest apartments. That complex has a contract with a wrecker service to tow unwanted vehicles. The apartment's owner also owns the undeveloped lot where Jacobs parked.

The manager couldn't recall if anyone called the wrecker service or if a tow-truck driver took it upon himself to hook up and tow away Jacob's truck.

The wrecker service says management did request the tow.

Regardless, Jacobs paid plenty to get his truck back.

"It was over excessive," says Jacobs. "And the fact that I had to wait until the next morning to get my vehicle back with was an extra $40.00they charged like an extra $40.00 storage fee."

Jacobs doesn't feel this tow was justified so this week he filed a complaint with the Arkansas Towing and Recovery Board. If you have a bad experience with a wrecker service and want to do the same, click here.

Air date: March 28th, 2013