More Gene Hickman

On Friday we showed you an empty lot in Cabot that a short time ago was home to a portable building business operated by Gene Hickman.

The number of complaints against Hickman has risen to the point that a prosecutor is considering filing criminal charges.

Meanwhile, another unhappy customer has contacted our Seven-On-Your-Side office.

Back in heat of July Addie Jean May needed a cool place to keep a litter of newborn puppies.

So she hired Gene Hickman to build a ten foot by twelve foot portable building that could be insulated and cooled.

Because she wanted it quickshe paid Hickman about $3,000the full priceup front.

"Now you paid almost $3,000 and got what for your money?"

"Nothing," says May. "Promises."

"Broken promises."

"Broken promises," agrees May. "Absolutely."

Suspected they were being scammed, a cell phone pic of Hickman was snapped before he closed up shop at his Cabot location.

May drives a school bus and says $3,000 to her is a lot of money.

"I would really like to get my money back, or at least part of it if nothing else," says May. "But I want people to know to not trust him and pay for these things until they get it."

Since our Friday report aired even more people have filed complaints with the Lonoke County Sheriffs Departmentgiving prosecutor Chuck Graham more information to review.

Meanwhile, we do not know the current whereabouts for Gene Hickman.

Air date: October 31st, 2011