More prison time likely for escapee as man hunt ends

It's a story we've been bringing you an update on throughout the week, but Thursday towns and communities in Arkansas breathe a sigh of relief after fugitive on the run is arrested in Cleburne County.

Like most manhunts, an accurate tip to authorities was all they needed before cornering Curtis Reese Jr., who escaped from a Jefferson County prison Monday.

Thursday he was found about 90 miles away near the town of Pangburn.

State police crews and U.S. Marshalls evacuated a home in Cleburne county, mapped out their path in the woods and surfaced out of the wooded area with Reese.

"Based on some interviews that had been previously conducted we re-interviewed some potential suspects and developed information fugitive was hiding out in the woods up here," said

Marshalls used everything from horses and dogs, to a helicopter surveying from up above letting Reese know they were onto his hiding spot .

"He was actually hunkered down in a cave right behind us. The land goes down into a ravine where there's a stream down there," Sanders added.

Reese was found a distance of about an hour and 45 minute car ride from where he escaped. There was obvious assistance given once free from prison, but those people won't get off easy.

"Those people will be interviewed again and prosecuted if they did in fact assist in his escape," Sanders continued.

The Arkansas Department of Corrections said Reese will most likely face second-degree escape which carries up to 10 more years in prison.

Before this incident his first shot at parole was to come in 2025. He will now have a new home at the Varner Super Maximum Prison, Arkansas' highest security facility.