More than 600 police reports filed in River Market crimes

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A woman tells police she was raped in the River Market Saturday evening and the person responsible has yet to be identified.

The person told police she got into a car with a man she met at a bar. He then forced himself onto her after she asked him to stop.

It marks the second rape reported in the River Market within the last six months, according to police. However, this area has seen a variety of other crimes..

It's looked at as the face of Little Rock, an area for people to enjoy themselves and visitors to relax. A closer look from the eyes of police show an area filled with criminal activity.

"There are people down in that area that are preying on people on people that are not paying attention or may be distracted," said Sergeant Cassandra Davis with Little Rock Police Department.

Police records obtained by Channel 7 Monday show in the last six months more than 600 reports were filed for crimes occurring in the city's most popular entertainment district.

"It does look large for such a small area," Davis added.

Crimes reported are an array from theft of property and public intoxication, to battery or breaking and entering.

It's a disappointing number to see for little Sgt. Davis when talking about such a heavily-trafficked area.

"You have individuals that come to Little Rock, or come downtown to the River Market District, and they're expecting to enjoy themselves and have a good time," she said.

"Then, they have to leave because they are victim of a robbery or something like that."

That happened just a little more than week ago when a Monroe, La. man had his car stolen at gunpoint while in-town for business.

Police advise people to park close to the place you're visiting in the district, and make plans with friends prevent yourself from becoming a victim.Police are still trying to identify a person in the rape report. Monday they were working this to obtain video surveillance from nearby places.