More Tow Trouble

Tow trucks policing parking lots continues to be a problem in the Capital City.

It seems the quest for cash is making compliance with the law an afterthought.

This case does have a happy endingbut there are many more like it that have been occurring in central Arkansasand for quite some time.

Jacqueline Sanders of Little Rock is just the latest.

She a complaint and she is taking it to the Attorney General's office.

Last week Sanders took her niece to the grocery store.

She parked in front of her niece's apartment to bring in the groceries and says within 15 minutes her car was being towed.

"By that time they was just about taking off with itjust that quick," says Sanders. "It was fast, I meanshe (her niece) was still taking groceries out of the bag, you know? I begged him not to take my car. I was crying literally in their face."

Prior to such a tow, state law requires a written, signed request from the property owner or manager detailing what vehicle is to be towed, where it is and why it needs to be towed.

Sanders says that didn't happen prior to her tow.

It cost her $232.00 to get it back.

And to add insult to injury, her car was damaged.

"They snatched it up so fast both of my tires were on flat," says Sanders. "Nothing was wrong with my tires before they put it on the wreckeron the tow truck."

We contacted the towing company in question and informed them that this tow did not comply with Arkansas law.

So today they repaid Jacqueline her towing fee and gave her an additional $125.00 to help with tire repairs and her cab fare.

Air date: February 20th, 2013