More work to be done in fight against Latino bullying in LRSD

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -{}Complaints are still{}coming in{}from Latinos in the Little Rock School District who say Latino students are repeatedly a target of bullying.

The district created a committee to address the issue after it surfaced more than a year ago. Progress is being made, but a member of that committee says key people in the schools aren't doing their part.

More than a year ago{}Channel 7{}told you about the disturbing bullying incidents coming out of LRSD toward Latinos. A committee member said the district can proudly say they've taken some aggressive action but not everyone can take credit for that.

"There's still two different cultures. It's just a matter of trying to learn one culture and learning the other," said Julian Calzada, a committee member of the district anti-bullying initiative.

The clashing of the Latino and African American culture is one that raised serious concerns back in 2012. Concerns of verbal and sexual harassment ran high and complaints trickled in to administrators from several schools.

"At Hall High School where I've volunteered the bullying has slacked off a bit because the kids have kind of gotten to know one another the last three of four years, but we still have a ways to go," said Calzada.

Calzada said students are getting better and so are administrators but somewhere in between the ball is being dropped.

"The counselor took down the information and listens to her report he turns around and does not put it in the database. If you don't have good data, how can you correct the problem?" he asked.

Assessing the severity of the problem and the progress made, officials say, is key in this fight against bullying.

"We've changed the way we keep data and so in the past we didn't have bullying data separated out by itself and so now we are so this year is going to be our baseline data," said Greg Adams, Co-Chair of the STAND Committee.

So now the focus includes encouraging those teachers and counselors to speak up for students who are brave enough to ask for help.

"As a committee, I think we need to work on the part of it. The kids are making progress but the grown ups are kind of an attitude thing," said Calzada.{}"It's kind of a new thing for them also.'

To report bullying anonymously you can download the LRSD app on your mobile device. For more information you can visit their web site by clicking here.