Morrilton man arrested for Father's Day motel murder in Conway

CONWAY (KATV) - A Morrilton man was arrested Thursday for a Father's Day motel murder.

Lee Foster, 27, was charged with the capital murder of Quenton Alexander. The 23-year-old father was shot to death outside of a Motel 6. Perhaps the most shocking part of this tragedy is that police say Foster and Alexander are related. They did not know Friday how they were related but did confirm that the shooting stemmed from an ongoing dispute between the two.

"Anytime you have someone who is shooting at other people that aren't involved in the personal conflict, you worry about the danger to society and to our community," said Prosecutor Cody Hiland.

Beyond that, investigators were tight lipped about many of the case's details like motive and what kind of criminal record Foster has - because police did confirm that he does, in fact, have one.

Sierra Cool, 18, was also arrested, charged with hindering the case. Both Foster and Cool are set to return to court on July 8.