Mosquito risk on the rise

Little Rock (KATV) - This week's humidity and last week's constant rain make for the perfect formula for Arkansas' summertime pest to breed. "My son slapped his arm and killed a mosquito in the house" said Dr. John Hopkins, Entomologist at University of Arkansas. Mosquitoes start as larva in standing water, and then in 7-10 days they emerge to become mosquitoes. Dr. Hopkins suggests that if you can't dump out your standing water to put bacillus thuringiensis israelenis, more commonly known as BTI, in the water. Otherwise dump out the water, mosquitoes can breed in water amounts as small as a table spoon. "Any mosquito is a potential transmitter of disease as well as being an inconvenience and a nuisance to you" says Dr. Hopkins. The Arkansas Health Department says the peak time for West Nile is August through October. Last year there were 18 cases of West Nile and one death across the state. In 2012, 64 cases of West Nile were reported causing seven deaths. As the mosquito season starts Dr. Hopkins reminds us of three ways to prevent the irking bug: Wear long pants and sleeves Use a bug repellent with deet in it. Avoid the outdoor at dusk and dawn. The Arkansas Health Department says that so far this year there are no cases of West Nile, and no suspicions of the deadly virus.