Mother battling ovarian cancer says she just wants to feel normal and pretty

Many women with cancer are looking for two things while they go through treatment: a cure and to feel normal.{}The goal of the Look Good, Feel Better program, is to give women going through cancer treatment free makeovers to give them the confidence to keep fighting."I notice a person that's bald and standing over there and is really skinny and you know they have cancer, you know?" said Nancy Holloway. "You pay attention to things like that now, so I know people look at me and think, 'Oh what's wrong with her?'"Holloway was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last summer and has been going through chemo at UAMS every three weeks since July.{}"When I was first diagnosed it was scary," Holloway said. "You lose you hair and you're kind of thinking well, that's what I've been proud of the most."The worn down mom is starting over with a fresh face and a fresh outlook.{}She received a makeover with cosmetologist Arline Jackson through the free American Cancer Society program Look Good, Feel Better.She's had a hard time with the chemo effects. Losing her hair and her confidence, Nancy worries she's not pretty."She's mostly an upbeat person, so it's really hard to see her when she's down," explained Holloway's daughter Tayler.Tayler hopes the makeover will help her mom's outside match her inside.{}"It helps them feel more pretty and feel more like everyone else," Tayler said.Nancy's five tumors are all shrinking.{}And with the help of her daughter and countless others, her confidence is growing.For more information on the Look Good, Feel Better program, click here.If you or someone you know is interested in participating in a Look Good, Feel Better makeover, you can email us at