Mother considered a suspect in investigation of dead father and baby

UPDATE (5:39 p.m.):

Brooke Floyd has been released from custody after posting bond. She is no longer in the Yell County jail.

ORIGINAL REPORT (4:02 p.m.):

A woman still sits in the Yell County jail on $50,000 bond one day after her missing husband and infant son were found dead.

Police say Brooke Floyd, 21, the wife of Brian Floyd and mother of Harper Floyd, is considered a suspect at least until they receive the medical examiner's report.

Brian Floyd, 33, and 10-month-old Harper Floyd were last seen Thursday. Their bodies were found after a four-day search.

Around 1:30 Friday afternoon, a forestry officer found Brooke on the side of a road near Blue Mountain Lake in Yell County. Police say she was bruised and scratched from being in the woods. She was interviewed on the whereabouts of Brian and Harper.

On Saturday, police said Brooke was not being cooperative with investigators and she was arrested and charged with one count of hindering apprehension or prosecution and one count of felony child endangerment.

On Monday, police said information from Brooke led them to the green truck belonging to Brian. Yell County Sheriff Bill Gilkey described the area as rough, mountainous terrain.

On Tuesday afternoon, a U.S. Forest Service officer found the body of Harper, and about an hour later, searchers found the body of his father Brian. The bodies were discovered about 800 yards away from where Brian's truck was found Monday.

A backpack was also found during the search Tuesday, but the sheriff's department won't comment on what it contained. No weapons were found, but Sheriff Gilkey says drugs and alcohol could be a part of the investigation. Gilkey previously said that Brian had a history of mental illness and was having issues with his medications.

Police say a preliminary report from the medical examiner could come back as early as Thursday.