10-year-old girl shot outside neighbor's house still in hospital

A 10-year-old girl was shot outside of her neighbor's home during a drive by shooting on 21st and Pine Street. Tiffany Rawls is now in stable condition after being shot several times. Rawls' mother, Audrey Jones, said Tiffany is having trouble with her right arm. "Tiffany is doing fine. They are just trying to get her hand to function. Her right hand. Due to she got shot in her right arm," Rawls said.

Jones said her neighbor Ursula Black called her around 8:30 p.m. and told her Tiffany was shot.

Tiffany usually goes to her grandmother's house after school until her parents pick her up after work. But Monday night, Tiffany wanted to go home instead.

"I told my mom when Tiffany gets here [grandmother's house], when she comes here, tell Tiffany to stay here. I'll be here to pick her up," said Jones. "I just started letting her ride around the neighborhood and I wasn't at home, so she went across the street to use the neighbor's phone and that's when someone came through."The shooting happened in front of Black's home. Black said after she called Jones, she tried to get Tiffany to the hospital.

"I went to put her in my car and I realized my back window was shot out," Black said. "My tire went flat from the glass that fell out my back window, so I saw a friend and neighbor and he took her to the hospital for me."

Jones said she still cannot believe her daughter was shot."They really didn't have no love, they had a cold heart to know that kids are out and you still come through and shoot. I mean they didn't shoot one, two or three times, they shot many times. I've seen a lot of cones in front of my house," Jones said.According to police report Black "got up to look out her door an unknown black male ran into her house and out the back door."

Black stated it looked like one of her son's friends but her son was not home.

"I feel terrible. I feel terrible about her being shot period," Black said. "My son hangs with the wrong people I think. I've tried so hard to talk to him. I did what I could do I am just ready to leave the state."Jones hopes Tiffany comes home soon.

"I was thinking she was going to come home today but they are moving her to another floor but I think she's going to make it.

Police are still investigating the shooting.