Mother of captured escapee speaks out for first time

Captured inmate Derrick Estell escaped from the Garland County Jail one month ago, but contrary to what authorities say his mother claims she had nothing to do with it.

Glenda Estell was charged with assisting in the escape shortly after her son made his run.

Now, Estell tells Channel 7 she was harassed by Garland County deputies during the initial search, and believes she was eventually arrested just for being the mother of an escaped convict.

Just 30 minutes after speaking to her son for first time since his escape, Glenda Estell visited Little Rock to talk only with us about the investigation that surrounded the previous conversation with her son.

"I feel like I have been treated very unfairly. I feel like my name has been slandered all over the nation, and it's not right," said Glenda Estell when speaking about her arrest and three night stay in the county jail.

She was on the phone with Derrick when he jetted out of the Garland County Jail. Transcribes of the conversation led investigators to believe she set up the escape.

"When he asked me if everything is well, I said 'It's all good,' meaning my health is all good. That's the way we talk," Estell answered, when asked about accusations she set up what authorities called an "elaborate plan."

She added it's how they've always talked even when he was at a prison prior to being transferred.

"We talk this way on recordings at Brickeys like that," Estell said about the previous center Estell was housed.

"So they twisted that around too. The tennis shoes he bought a pair of Nike's at Brickeys, and that's why I asked him what pair of shoes do you have on," she continued about inquiring what shoes he had on.

Denying any involvement with his escape, Estell's mother remains upset that he slipped away from police a second time.

"He made them look like, excuse my language, idiots, not once but twice. I really do believe it was an inside job because there were no handcuffs and no deputies around him."

We reached out to the Garland County Sherriff's Office for a response to this accusation, but they did not return our phone calls.

Glenda Estell believes Derrick needs to serve time for his convictions, but not in a state prison, where she says his drug addiction continues.

"I believe that he needs to pay for the crimes that he's done, but I believe that he needs to be put in a facility where he can get the right kind of treatment that he needs, instead of going right back and getting the same stuff he was doing out on the streets."

Derrick Estell is facing charges of burglary in Florida before he can be extradited back to Arkansas.

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