Mother says man met teen online, got girl out of school

A Malvern parent is in complete shock that a man her daughter met on Facebook was able to check the 15-year-old out of school.

The girl's mom tells us the man posed as a family member, but how the school reacted is her major concern.

According to the teen's mother a 24-year-old Hot Springs man walked into Malvern High School saying he was the father of a sophomore student.

Without any hesitation the secretary allowed the girl to leave with him. Now, as any concerned mother would be, this one is questioning a place she thought was safe for her kids.

"To me I have two children there and that means to me that they're not safe, they're not being watched properly," said Arcenthal Stanton of Carthage.

Stanton told us her daughter Destiny had just talked to the man on Facebook, and this was their first meeting.

She said he checked Destiny out at 11:30 am, then brought her back shortly before school ended to catch the bus home.

Stanton found out about the incident through a friend's son who saw the teen that afternoon.

"My baby could've been killed, she could've been raped, and I never would've known why she didn't come home that day," she added.

Malvern Superintendent Brian Golden told us district policy is people with permission must show I.D. before checking a kid out. It didn't happen in this case, but even if it was her father he's still not allowed to take her.

Documents we obtained strictly show only four people outside of destiny's mother can check her out; none of them her father.

"This man walks in and pretends to be him, even sign his name and they let her walk out," Stanton continued.

Even though we know the identity of the teen, Golden declined to speak with us on-camera because it involves a student. He returned calls, defined normal procedure and told us the district continues to look into how this could happen.

Malvern Police Department remains tight-lipped by not releasing any additional information.

Stanton told us the man was recently out of prison, but since we haven't been able to confirm or deny that accusation we're still not releasing his name.