Mountain Pure Water Bottles Pulled

LITTLE ROCK - A Little Rock bottled water company has voluntarily pulled some bottles of water because of the risk they might be contaminated. The bottles never made it to store shelves.

The water in questioned was distributed in the city of Clinton after a boil order was issued. The State Health Department continues their testing. Right now officials saying the water most likely won't make anyone sick. They are testing for a bacteria that could develop mold.

The owner of Mountain Pure Bottled Water, John Stacks, says, safety is their top priority. "We always want to error on the side of safety and caution and that's why we did this recall on these very few bottles."

"While it won't most likely make healthy people sick, there is the chance for people who are vulnerable like little children, the elderly or people who have compromised immune systems chronic disease even could develop some type of gastrointestinal difficulty" says Ed Barham with the Department of Health.

Inspectors routinely test water at it's source for all bottling companies in the state. Barham saying it's likely not the water itself that is bad but rather something got into one of the bottles. "It is possible, it does happen, and it's the result of something getting into the line. In this case it's not anything scary but even dust particles can turn into mold."

"The main thing I'd like to emphasize is the quality and safety of water. I don't think there's anything any better or safer than bottled water today and the safety standards we go through to ensure bottled water is very safe." says Stacks.

The effected bottles had been distributed in Clinton a few weeks ago after a boil order was in effect. Mountain Pure believes they have all of the bottles in their possession, if you have any water with a best buy date of 22713 or 22813 you should call Mountain Pure Water at 800-758-7873