Mouth Injuries

In the life of every small child, typically there's an injury or two that looks serious and bloody and scares the daylights out of parents.{} When kids fall on their faces, which often happens during toddler-hood, many times they tear their frenulum.{} That's the small piece of skin that hangs down between their upper lip and their gum.{} Doctors say that piece of skin doesn't have a particular function, so if it does tear, even though the injury looks severe, it isn't.{} Doctors say that injury usually heals quickly and rarely are there complications.{} If a child does injury their frenulum the primary associated risk is infection.{} If that happens, doctors say the child would develop a fat lip and the swelling would start moving into the nose and cheeks.{} The mouth is a place that continually washes itself with saliva, so germs tend to get washed out.{} That's why infection is rare.{}