UPDATE: 2 dead, 19 injured after log truck accident; driver identified

CLINTON (KATV) - Two people were killed and 19 others were injured after a log truck lost its load on a bridge in Clinton. It happened Monday afternoon on Highway 65 South near Highway 16 East. According to the police report, a tire on the log truck blew out, causing the load to shift. The driver lost control and the truck overturned, spilling the logs on top of the construction crew working on the bridge. Robert Keith Moore, 51, of Chester, was pronounced dead at the scene. Ricardo Trochez, 40, of Atkins, was transported to Ozark Health Medical Center where he was later pronounced deceased. 19 more were injured, including the driver of the log truck. The driver, Jerry Hickman, 39, of Bee Branch, was taken into custody after his parole was revoked following the accident. Van Buren County Sheriff Scott Bradley said Hickman as of Tuesday he is still in custody at the Van Buren County Detention Center. Arkansas State Police are investigating the accident. At this point no charges related to the accident have been filed against the driver.