Murder Suicide In Garland County

Garland County (KATV)

There are still a lot of questions unanswered about themurder suicide in Garland County last night near Hot Springs. Police are investigatinghow three family members ended up dead inside their home.

All of this started with a welfare call. Police noticed anunresponsive body on the 800 block of Blacksnake road. So they forced entry andfound 3 members of the Ritter family dead. Those people include 50-year-oldJudy Denise Ritter, 49-year-old David Ritter and 23-year-old Jonathan Ritter.

Garland County Lieutenant James Martin couldn't release thedetails of what the house looked like after they found the Ritter's bodies, butdid tell KATV that the investigation leads them to believe that Jonathan killedhis parents before he turned the gun on himself.

KATV got a hold of Carolyn Ritter, the mother of David. Sheexplained to KATV that David and his Wife, Judy-Denise were high school sweethearts.They've been married for 30 years. Carolyn went on to describe her grandsonJonathan as "different".{} But explainedthat she thought it was just part of growing up.

Funeral arrangements haven't been made due to the bodiesbeing used in the investigation. Carolyn tells KATV that they are more likelyto have a memorial service because she believes the bodies could have been intheir home for up to 3 days.