UAPB Student Charged With Murder; Family Says Suspect Was Bullied

A Chicago family said bullying may have been a factor in Pine Bluff's latest capital murder case.

The former University of Arkansas Pine Bluff Criminal Justice student, Olivia Moody interned for Judge Berlin Jones until she was arrested Sunday for the murder of a mother of two, Vanessa Bearden.

Olivia's aunt Paula Moody said Bearden bullied her, "She snapped. Everyday someone is picking on you, they following you to work, they calling out your name, but she kept going though."

She continued to say, "She's going to school for this, so why would she want to do something like that to someone? You had to push her there. She had to snap by you constantly picking on her."

Paula wanted to say to Bearden's family, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, and I pray that God will forgive her."

Pine Bluff police spokesperson Officer Andrea Cherry said Moody and Bearden ran into each other hours before Bearden's murder.

"There had been at least two prior calls to break up fights in regards of those two females that were involved involving the suspect and the victim," said Cherry.

Bearden's sister, Laconya Anderson said her sister never bullied Moody and did not deserve to die.

"Whatever happened, her life shouldn't have been taken away from her, she shouldn't have died. She shouldn't have been killed," said Anderson.

Anderson said to know Vanessa was to love her.

"My 6 mo. old nephew won't remember anything about his mother other than what we tell him," said Anderson.

Now, Anderson is helping her family plan the funeral.

According to Pine Bluff police about 6 reports show Bearden involved in criminal activity ranging from theft of property to 2nd degree battery. Moody does not have a criminal history in Pine Bluff. Sunday, was the first documented incident involving the two women.