Mustang Joins Jaguar

Back in July many of you were angered by the story of a Magnolia man who decided to part with his 1974 vintage Jaguar.

The man he trusted to sell his car kept all the money.

Now...there is another man with the same sad story.

Luis Oseguera says he allowed Troy Muncrief to take his 1964 Mustang to the same auction that he took the 1974 Jaguar.

And he ended up getting the same result...nothing. Actually...worse than nothing.

When Eddie McDonnell trusted Troy Muncrief to take his beloved 1974 Jag to a big auction in Scottsdale Arizona, another car made the trip too.

A 1964 Ford Mustang that Muncrief claimed to own.

But the car was actually owned by Luis Oseguera. He had it built from a kit for his son. It took five years to complete, but his son was preparing to get married and decided to sell it for some honeymoon money.

"We ended up paying a bunch of money to transport the car...or at least that is what he charged me," says Oseguera. "He charged me almost $4,000.00 to transport the car there. He sold it at the auction and told me that they were going to mail me a know for the sale of the car at the auction...which was $15,600.00. And you know...that check never really came."

Not only that, but we interviewed Oseguera on the front porch of the home he was selling to Muncrief.

He finally got Muncrief out after he failed to make any payments for a year.

"As the time kept going I have to keep begging for my payment on the property," recalls Oseguera. "I have to keep begging for the payment on my car. And just...there was all kinds of excuses all the time as far as why he was not able to come forward and meet his obligations, you know. It's just very dishonest for somebody to be like that and worse than that is just being able to get away with it. To me that is just not right, you know?"

Just as McDonald says Muncrief lied and told him he owned Oseguera's Mustang, Oseguera says Muncrief lied and told him he owned McDonald's Jaguar.

If you know where Troy Muncrief is now, let us know. We would still like to talk to him.

Air date: September 3rd, 2013