My House Now No One's House

After nearly three decades in operation, a non-profit home for disabled adults in Mayflower closed with little warning two weeks ago...leaving both residents and staff scrambling.

The last year owner Kathy Hall filed a tax form for My House, Inc. was for the tax year ending in June of 2009. Expenses exceeded revenue by over $20,000.

Apparently things didn't improve.

Up until two weeks ago, the property at 760 Highway 365 South in Mayflower was home to more than a half dozen mentally disabled adults.

Two mobile homes behind My House, Inc. was home to several more men who needed help with transportation, cooking and other basic life tasks.

They got that assistance from qualified caregivers.

But that all ended abruptly this month.

"I was told that she was tired of the business and that she wanted to step down," says caregiver Quan Smith of Conway. "The person that she was supposed to let take over before she left wasn't able to take over so the business just closed as of June the 1st."

"I think it went down because of poor management," offers another caregiver, Tony Reid of Conway. "It he said it was loss of passion."

And also a lack of paperwork.

The IRS revoked the non-profit status of My House because tax forms hadn't been filed for the past three years.

And the state revoked the agency's case management license because of lapses in paperwork and allegations of unmet payroll.

Medicaid's "Program Integrity Unit" is investigating.

Most of the My House residents were moved into a rental property in Conway owned by Hobbs Construction.

Seven residents now pay about $650.00 a month to live there.

"Does the former owner here have any connection with Hobbs Construction?"

"She currently works there as the secretary," replies Smith.

Both Smith, Reid and several other employees say that former My House owner Kathy Hall owes them money.

Hall's voice mail is full so we visited Hobbs Construction today looking for her...but the doors were locked.

Air date: June 13th, 2013