NAACP asks local flag store to stop selling Confederate merchandise

As much of the country debates on the appropriate place for the Confederate flag, the Arkansas NAACP asked 'Arkansas Flag and Banner' to stop selling Confederate merchandise on Friday. The retail store for 'Arkansas Flag and Banner' is in the historic Taborian Hall on 9th street in Downtown Little Rock. According to the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture, Taborian Hall is the last remaining original building on the 9th Street "Line," once the center for black businesses and culture in Little Rock. "Imagine the disgust Louis Armstrong or Duke Ellington would feel if they were alive today with the use and purpose of this building by Arkansas Flag and Banner," said Arkansas NAACP President, Dale Charles. 'Arkansas Flag and Banner' President Kerry McCoy said she gave back to her community and black history by restoring the Dreamland Ballroom on the third flood of Taborian Hall. "To say that I am supporting racism is incorrect," said McCoy during Friday's press conference. McCoy said she's sold more Confederate flags this week than she ever has in her 40 years in the flag business. On Monday, she said she sold 50 Confederate flag pins online to buyer in Rhode Island. On Wednesday, 'Arkansas Flag and Banner' got an email from Amazon informing them that some items they sell on Amazon have been removed. The email states the items have been "identified as Confederate flag merchandise. Amazon policy prohibits the listing or sale of Confederate flag merchandise." Earlier this week, Amazon joined a growing list of retailers to say it would no longer sell Confederate flag merchandise. One of the items listed as Confederate merchandise is an "Arkansas flag with pole hem." Marketing Director with 'Arkansas Flag and Banner' Tammie McClure said in an email, the reason Amazon pulled some non-battle or non-confederate flags is due to the mention in the description that the 4th star on the Arkansas flag symbolizes the state's time with the Confederacy. McCoy said she has no plans to stop selling Confederate merchandise. After Charles addressed the press, McCoy took to the podium for a response to what he said. While she was reading a statement Charles left the premises of Taborian Hall.