National Diaper Bank Network Helping Families in Need

Poverty takes it toll on the very young. Some moms simply cannot afford diapers, but now a new diaper bank program has become a model for the nation.{}


In one Washington, D.C. neighborhood poverty is so rampant that many mothers have to make a choice between food and diapers.{} {}the simple act of keeping babies dry and clean is not so simple.{} About 240 diapers a month cost more than $100.


Corrine Cannon with the D.C. Diaper Bank said, "Diapers are a necessity for infants.{} They're not a luxury. You have a mom who wants to work and is trying to work, but doesn't have enough diapers to send her child to day care, she then has to stay home with her baby."


So Corinne Cannon started the D.C. Diaper Bank which distributed more than 2,600 boxes in the past year. The idea has been catching on nationwide.{} Cannon recently helped launch the National Diaper Bank Network.


Help is also available in Arkansas. The Arkansas Diaper Depot is a program run by the Arkansas Rice Depot to help those in need.{} You can get more information on help in your area by visiting

Arkansas Diaper Depot (a program of Arkansas Rice Depot)

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