National Day of Service makes local impact

Bags filled to the brink and volunteers overflowing with kindness, the National Day of Service is making a local impact. Volunteers Ronald and Samella Paulk found this volunteer activity listed on the Obama campaign web site.

"We're feeling really good about being able to be active in the community and do something positive," said Paulk.

The Reverend Hezekiah Stewart runs the Watershed and was touched today by the hardworking volunteers.

"What you see now is an act of sharing, and when people share their time, they've given you the best they can give," said Stewart.

The family resource center meets the needs of hundreds of Arkansans, that includes many who don't know from where their next meal will come.

"They may not have anything to eat tomorrow, but they will have something to eat today," said Samella Paulk.

Saturday is a chance to see just how much can be done when a community volunteers, and maybe, this day of service won't end with January 19.

"Believe me when I tell you, what you see now is what must happen from now on. The economy is not going to get any better right now. A lot of people need people. We have a food crisis in Arkansas right now. We need to learn how to share more with one another, to love one another and to share with one another," said Stewart.