National Republican leader campaigns for Hill

Republican Congressional candidate French Hill campaigned with national GOP support Wednesday.

The 2nd district candidate was with U.S. House majority leader Kevin McCarthy at Welspun Tubular, talking about greater career and economic opportunities for Central Arkansas, and touting the Keystone XL pipeline. Welspun has more than 350 miles of pipe awaiting the Keystone project. "We're talking about 40,000 jobs, $2 billion dollars. This is a private sector project, infrastructure. Something we talk about all the time, and yet we sit and delay and talk instead of act. And what we need is less talk and more action," Hill said. Hill is running against former North Little Rock Mayor Pat Hays. Hays' campaign manager David Furr responded to the press conference, and said,"This is just the latest sign of how out of-touch French Hill really is: He thinks things are going fine in Washington and that an endorsement from a California politician and the leader of the broken Congress will help him here in Arkansas."