Natural State Jackpot reaches record jackpot, rolls over again for Friday

      LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - TheNatural State Jackpot grows once again after already reaching its highest prizeever on Thursday at $330,000.{} No one won,so now the jackpot rolls over to $335,000.

      Arkansas ScholarshipLottery said the jackpot started at just $25,000 in January and has beenrolling over ever since then.{} It may beno Powerball or MegaMillions, but the Lottery said winning the NSJ would belike withdrawing $1,000 every week for the next six years - after taxes.

      Odds of winning theNatural State Jackpot are a lot better than the "major" lotteries - just one in575,757.

      Bridgette Bass tried herodds for the first time ever playing any lottery game.{} She said she's hoping to pay off some studentloans.

      "My numbers are 19, 21,26, 35, 36 nobody go play those numbers right now, because if I win it's allmine," said Bass jokingly.

      Bass bought her ticketafter the 8:00 PM drawing on Thursday, so she'll be eligible for the $335,000prize. {}

      Although there were nojackpot winners on Thursday there are bound to be small prize winners.{} If you match two numbers you win $1, threenumbers wins $7, and matching four will win you a cool $300.

      The lucky numbers forThursday's drawing for (9, 10, 11, 29 and 30).

      The next drawing is Fridaynight.