Neighbors of deadly dog attack share their stories

Neighbors to the man who owned the dogs who killed a Pine Bluff man on Saturday say the dogs have attacked them in the past. Next door to C.J. Garage in Jefferson County lives William Lever. His mother was one of the first people to see De'trick Johnson, 36, getting mauled by a pack of pit bulls that ended his life In a dramatic, over eight minute 911 call, Lever's mother describes the attack to a dispatcher. "They're probably dead, they're probably dead! There is about eight or nine dogs over there on that person," she exclaimed over the phone. Lever says his son was bit by one of the dogs. "I had already told my son, not to go over there because those dogs are very aggressive," said Lever. The same thing happened to Rodger Frazier. "I've never been so scared in my life, I thought I was going to die," said Frazier. Frazier works at a construction company just down the road from C.J.'s Garage. He said back in December, he was walking on the street when he found himself surrounded by the dogs, then they started to attack him. "I knew if they got me to the ground they were probably going to kill me," said Frazier. Frazier said the dogs had torn his pants and phone off of him. He sought safety up a tree where he waited for about an hour. Frazier said his legs were bloody and he was taken by ambulance to the hospital. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said the owner of the dogs and the garage is John Chester Smith, 63. Frazier said he gave his $1500 medical bill to Smith but was never given the money to pay for it. "I went over there and told him, you need to do something with these dogs or their going to kill somebody," said Frazier. On Wednesday, three of the eight dogs involved in the mauling were at Pine Bluff Animal Control. Not once did they show any aggression or even bark while they were being photographed. "It's really the lack of responsibility of the owner," said dog behavior specialist, Karen Kelley of the Pulaski County Humane Society. Kelley said any dog becomes less aggressive once you socialize it. "That is how you get bit. Chaining dogs, dogs in small fenced yards, or being used as guard dogs. These (pit bulls) are not good guard dogs," said Kelly. As of March 24, Major Woods of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said the owner of the dog hasn't been charged. The prosecuting attorney is waiting on a completed case file and the medical examiner's report.