New agency joins the search for missing Little Rock woman

Family members of a Little Rock woman who's been missing for more than a year said they're not giving up on finding her.

Patrice Smith has been missing since March of last year.

Now, her family is getting help from on out-of-state missing persons group.

The CUE Center for Missing Persons has been in Little Rock since Tuesday with canine units, searching for any sign of Patrice.

"There is no new information as far as leading us," said Monica Caison with the CUE Center. "These are just areas that have not been searched yet and we're just eliminating space to try to cover more ground in the search for her."

Patrice's father, Darrel Smith, said this new help gives him hope, but the ordeal has been very difficult.

"It's been pretty rough dealing with this thing about a year and a half now and yet no word, no nothing," Smith said. "And it's just been very devastating and to go on with family life and family values on a day to day basis."

Patrice's family is asking for anyone who might have information about what happened to her to please call police.

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