New at 10:00: Delayed Justice

If justice delayed is justice denied, then the potential for denial exists in Van Buren County...where a convicted sex offender has been facing charges in Arkansas for three years but has yet to step foot in an Arkansas courtroom.

Jerry Don Hausler lived in Arkansas for nearly a decade before he told anyone he was a convicted sex offender.

Charged three years ago with failing to register, his lawyers have been granted a dozen delays and Hausler has yet to go to trial.

Hausler lives in this home north of Clinton off Highway 65.

It is where his wife home-schooled his four children, even though it is against state law to home school kids if a sex offender lives at the residence.

When we visited on Tuesday we found Geraldine Hausler and at least two of their teenage children at the home and told her we were looking for her husband.

"We're not at the same residence," says Gerri Hausler.

"So he doesn't live here anymore?"

"No...he lives here but we live in a different house," says Hausler.

"Oh. You're just visiting?"

"Yes," replies Hausler. "My kids have a 4-H thing today."

"Oh. OK. So you're not usually here. We just happened to catch you here today."

"Right," replies Hausler.

Wednesday on Nightside we'll take a look at Hausler's criminal history in Texas and why his criminal charges here in Arkansas are taking so long to be heard.

Air date: May 8th, 2013