New bill considers electronic proof of insurance


LITTLE ROCK -- A new bill and electronic proof of insurance could get you out of a ticket in the future.Every day, drivers are pulled over to discover their insurance cards have been left at home, according to insurance agents."We get that daily. Everybody calls. 'I got pulled over. I didn't have a current insurance card,'" said Missy Tanner, a State Farm insurance agent. "A lot of people just put their bills and mail aside and don't get it to their car."Tanner has about 2,000 clients, and said she hears the story every day. She has even lived it herself."I was pulled over and got a ticket because I did not have a current proof of insurance in my car," Tanner said. "As an insurance agent that looks horrible, but I did go to court and showed my current proof of insurance at court so I did get out of the ticket."Sen. Larry Teague introduced Senate Bill 243, which allows officers to accept electronic proof of insurance.Some companies like State Farm already have an app for that, and they'd like to see this bill become law.Tanner said the new law would save her clients from frustration and tickets."Having to fumble through this and looking for it can be stressful," Tanner said. "More stress than anything because you can just get so upset in an accident, so if you can just go to your phone and hit one button, log into your application and present your ID card then there's nothing easier than that."The Senate Transportation Committee will likely hear debate on the bill next week.