New Brewery Spilling Natural State Flavor Into Little Rock

Arkansas is flowing with an array of natural resources, and a curious group of men from the state are making the most of some of those resources to fulfill their dreams.

It will only be a little more than a week before the leap of faith by these friends is displayed to the public, when they open their very own brewery.

We watched as a couple of the brewery's founders put the finishing touches on what will probably be their tallest glass ever in the company's first brewery.

"As soon as I think we started making beers on our own that other people really started enjoying is, that's really sort of the inspiration to say 'okay,'" said Ian Beard, one of the original starters.

Beard is just one of four original home brewers that believe their hops are tasteful enough to make customers jump to a start-up brewery.

The name is a little bit of local flavor, being stationed in downtown Little Rock, but not far from what the group has been doing since making the first batch.

"As Shawn (Tobin) likes to put it, part of the name, Stone's Throw, is just a stone's throw away from what we were already doing as home brewers," Beard added.

I'm not sure if you could actually throw more of a variety of gentlemen into this group of four guys. They're all your everyday beer lovers, but with a mixture of everyday jobs.

"I work at a museum, Theron's a pilot, Brad's in architecture, and Shawn's an investigator," Beard continued when talking about the other three founders: Theron Cash, Brad McLaurin and Tobin.

One common bond outside of the suds is their home state. All of the men are from Arkansas, and much of their ingredients the same.

As the time of year changes the group will look to materialize key components of seasonal beers from the freshness of the natural state.

"In June, we'll add local strawberries to add local flavor to a beer," Beard said.

"We'll probably add watermelons here in the coming weeks as those get nice, and ripe and juicy. We'll do that maybe with pumpkins in the fall."

Beginning the first weekend in August when the brewery opens, you'll only be able to taste their brewing combinations at the brewery itself located on the corner of Rock and 9th Street. Inside the building, just around the corner from the taps, are the machines making the beer.

"The road that this beer has taken to get to their glass is a pretty short one. We're talking 50 or 60 feet from where it was fermented, to where you're sitting on a barstool having a pint," Beard said with a laugh.

The crew has gauged success of these cold ones at beer festivals, but said the decision to hang up the amateur status and go pro wouldn't have happened without the support system that surrounds each glass.

"Just so many people who have given us encouragement and positive advice. Hopefully (they) will give us their business for a long time to come."

Surprisingly, while not known as a state for craft beer, this continues a long lineage of Arkansas breweries that began back in 1848. Eventually shut down due to Prohibition, many new ones are starting to spark back up in Arkansas.

Stone's Throw will be the fifth public place to brew its own beer right in Little Rock.