New database helps bring in criminals skipping out on parole

Little Rock (KATV) - A new database is helping catch criminals who've skipped parole. Thousands of criminals skip probation everyday in The Natural State, so the Arkansas Community Correction put together a database and special response team to help bring these criminals in. They're called absconders, convicted criminals who skip out on parole. Since the launch of the ACC's site, absconders in Arkansas have been declining. "If you don't report to your parole officer like you're supposed to, they you're violating parole, and it can end up sending you back to prison," said Dina Tyler from the Arkansas Community Correction. Tyler said the ACC has caught three absconders in just the past several days. Brandon Allen was sentenced in December of 2010 in Craighead County for sexual assault. He was given six years probation, but is now on parole as of last Thursday. Charlie Wilson was charged with Domestic Battery in 2012, he's been skipping out on parole but now he's back under supervision as of Tuesday. And on Wednesday, James Montoya is back on parole after multiple charges of theft of property. All three of the absconders are back under supervision thanks to ACC's database. Fewer than 2,000 names of criminals convicted of crimes like theft of property, forgery, and homicide. ACC's Dina Tyler estimates in the two months since the site's launch, they've been able to bring 500 convicted criminals back under surveillance. "We think the process will speed up because we have more eyes looking for these people. It's not just the 500 officers around the state, hopefully it'll be everybody," said Tyler. "There will be people who look at that database, today, tomorrow and the next day and they'll see somebody they'll recognize. And they need to contact law enforcement officials," said Republican State Senator David Sanders. ACC'S ABSCONDER SEARCH: