New event helps women with cancer

LITTLE ROCK - One young woman who beat an aggressive form of breast cancer at just 28 years old is now partnering with UAMS to help other women who are also battling the disease.

Heather Owens said, "My whole world changed overnight. I was terrified, afraid of losing my hair just really didn't know how to handle it but I knew for some reason it was gonna be positive."

We first introduced you to Heather last October. She had just finished chemotherapy for an aggressive form of breast cancer. She was diagnosed last May when she was just 28 years old.

Heather quickly started a non-profit to help other women going through the same thing. Fighting Fancy provides chemo bags for cancer patients who feel stripped of their beauty. A simple idea... that has now gone global.

Heather says, "Weekly I'm sending bags to Dublin, the Netherlands and England and Canada.. And now I'm here at UAMS."

Fellow cancer survivor, Sherry Booles adds, "We're going to be giving Fighting Fancy bags to over a thousand female patients a year. We never dreamed that we would be this far in ten months."

Fighting Fancy will now provide chemo bags for women battling cancer at the Winthrop Rockefeller Cancer Institute at UAMS. And, Heather, along with Allyson Pittman who's mother is also a breast cancer survivor, are hosting a New York-inspired fashion show to raise money for the cause.

Two young women who see the world much differently because of their experiences with cancer... now rising up against it... and inspiring young women everywhere along the way.

Heather says, "To actually be a survivor and to be able to give back to other women going through the same thing know... Means so much to me. It's what got me through everything."