NEW INFO: 911 call from prison escapee's hostage

Channel 7 has obtained the 911 tape from a caller who says she was held hostage by escaped murderer Timothy Buffington. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has verified the authenticity of the recording.911 CALL TRANSCRIPT:

Dispatch: 911

Caller: Hi...I live on the Arkansas Department of Correction grounds. I've just been...I was kidnapped, and I just got away and I'm calling to inform y'all of what's going on.

Dispatch: Hold on...hold on just one moment...

Caller: Randall L. Williams [Correctional Facility] understands what's happening. We need some assistance as soon as possible, because he is armed and he will shoot. He has ammo and he has a shotgun. I'm not sure what else he's gotten ahold of.

Dispatch: Ma'am, what's your address?

Caller: 7301 Gallup Drive.

Dispatch: 7301 Gallup?

Caller: It's's on prison grounds. It's on state property.

Dispatch: Okay, yes, it's on the Free Line Drive?

Caller: Yes, that's correct.

Dispatch: And he has a child?

Caller: Ma'am?

Dispatch: Do you say he still has your child?

Caller: No, he has...he has four dogs, a shotgun, ammo, and other keys. He can get more weapons. He can get more weapons out of...he has all our house keys, keys to my dad's state vehicle, keys to get stuff out of the state vehicle, everything.

Dispatch: Okay, where is he...where is he at?

Caller: He's inside my home the last time...

Dispatch: Okay, and where are you at?

Caller: I'm inside RLW.

Dispatch: You're inside where?

Caller: Randall L. Williams...

Dispatch: Randall L. Williams. [pause] Was he threatening to...

Caller: He was saying that he just wanted to leave and go somewhere and think.

Dispatch: Okay. Hold on.

Caller: Let me let you speak to an officer. Are you sending somebody to assist?

Dispatch: Ma'am, who's there with you?

Caller: Ma'am?

Dispatch: Who's there with you?

Caller: An officer.

Dispatch: Okay. And who is he threatening?

Caller: He was threatening me and people that have...that's beside the point...

Dispatch: Okay, okay...

Caller: Are you sending help?

Dispatch: What's his name? Ma'am?

[recording ends]

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