New information about FBI raid on Rogers Archive


FBI agents were silent as they wheeled out box after box from the John Rogers Archive in North Little Rock back in January. Now, more than a month later, the FBU still isn't speaking about the raid, but a lawsuit filed in New Jersey by Eric Inselberg may shed some light on it.{}Inselberg and other dealers were prosecuted for selling forged sports memorabilia. John Rogers is an investor in Legendary Auctions, a company headed by two of the indicted dealers. They've not yet gone to trial.In the lawsuit, Rogers accuses the New York Giants and quarterback Eli Manning of faking game day jerseys and equipment by making new jersey's look worn and then selling them to collectors. Inselberg's accusations sparked an FBI investigation out of Chicago. The January raid on Rogers home and archives is related to that.Some of the items taken have been returned to Rogers, but details into the investigation are slow to be released. An affidavit in federal court is still under seal.