New law places stricter hold on parole violators

An Arkansas state senator hopes a law going into effect this week will fix what he labels a major problem in the state's parole system.

Arkansas State Senator David Sanders says too many repeat offenders continue to be let free.

Senator Sanders wrote this bill months ago during the legislative session, and now that it goes into effect as law, he hopes it will change what he calls a large gap in how the state handles criminals on parole.

At the forefront of a parole situation gone bad, was the May murder of 18-year-old Little Rock resident Forrest Abrams, who was abducted and killed.

The man charged for that murder was Darrell Dennis, and just days before being arrested for the killing he was arrested for violating parole, and then released.

Since that case, Sanders said, "We've had nine parolees who have been charged with murder, and that's serious. I think it's indicative that we have people out on parole who shouldn't be."

Sanders is rising out of the senate with a new law requiring all parole breakers of violent or sexual felonies to go through a revocation hearing before possibly being released.

This is a process that didn't happen this past week when convicted sex offender

Tony Edward Perry of North Little Rock was released after posting the 10 percent of a $40,000 bail, after being arrested once again for raping a minor, and not registering as a sex offender.

"This is another case, there are numerous times where an individual who should've been on everyone's radar screen fell through the cracks," Sanders said.

On August 14th it will officially be state law, and Senator Sanders hopes it will improve public safety so repeat offenders aren't continuing their bad habits on others.