New program gives some LR schools free daily meals for students

Nine secondary schools in the Little Rock School District will allow all students to eat breakfast and lunch every day for free.

According to Lilly Bouie, the Child Nutrition Director for LRSD, the district has implemented the program at 24 elementary schools for more than four years.

The upcoming school year will be the first year the program will be available at certain secondary schools.

The program is under Provision 2 of the National School Lunch Act. It includes the federal School Breakfast Program and the National School Lunch Program.

Principal Ronda Hall of Mabelvale Magnet Middle School said, "Child hunger is an issue all over the country, and right here at home we'd like to be able to take care of Little Rock students because this is the environment where we want to be able to put our children first,"

Hall said she's glad to see the program offered to everyone.

"It's sad to see students that are hungry. Because if they don't have something in their stomach and they're sitting in class and their little stomachs are growling, that's what they are focusing on," Hall said. "They cannot focus and the brain cannot function if you don't have something to fuel it."

Tammara Lacey's daughter is an 8th grade student at Mabelvale. She hopes other schools in the county will follow suit.

"Hopefully it will be everywhere so we don't have to worry about our kids coming to school and being hungry and they can get what they need in order to move forward," Lacey said.

Below is the list of schools in the Little Rock School District that are under Provision 2. - Bale - Cloverdale - Baseline - Dunbar - Booker - Forest Heights - Brady - Hall - Carver - Hamilton - Chicot - Henderson - Dodd - J.A. Fair - Franklin - Mabelvale - Geyer Springs - McClellan - ML King - Mabelvale Magnet Middle School - McDermott - Meadowcliff - Otter Creek - Rockefeller - Romine - Stephens - Terry - Wakefield - Washington - Watson - Western Hills - Wilson - Woodruff