New police technology records & saves license plate information

Law enforcement agenciesacross the country and in Arkansas are using license plate readers to trackmillions of vehicles.{}

Cameras that are mountedon bridges and police cruisers can help police locate a vehicle that has beenstolen or involved in a crime. {}Butaccording to a report released by the American Civil Liberties Union, they alsotrack the movements of vehicles not on "hot lists."

"Once they have thelocation of your plate and where you were on that date and time that theyscanned your plate, they can see where you work, who you associate with, whereyou pray, where you're going to the doctor, and they can learn quite a lotabout you," said Jennifer Lynch with the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

TheACLU is calling for legislation that would require law enforcement agencies acrossthe country to adhere to strict rules while collecting the data.

This year the Arkansaslegislature passed a law restricting the use of license plate readers. Itrequires actual license data to be deleted after 150 days and statistical dataafter six months.

You can read the full law by clicking here.