New subpoenas seek to unravel NJ bridge scandal

      {}TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - Eight people who work for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie have been served subpoenas in the widening traffic scandal investigation threatening to undermine his administration.

      {}The New Jersey Assembly confirms that subpoenas were served to Christie's chief of staff, chief counsel, communications director and other aides.

      {}Assemblyman John Wisniewski (wiz-NOO'-skee) says 20 subpoenas were issued Thursday, though not all have reached the recipients.

      {}The subpoenas seek documents that could shed light on who was behind a plot to create massive traffic jams and whether it was done to settle a political score.

      {}Some people turning over text messages and emails could be called to testify later.

      {}The scandal threatens to upend Christie's second term and derail any presidential ambitions.

      {} Four members of his circle have lost their jobs.