New Technology Aids St. Vincent Doctors in Diagnosing Osteoporosis

Because of osteoporosis, about half of all women over the age of 50 will have a fracture of the hip, wrist, or vertebra during their lifetime.

"Usually osteoporosis affects women who are older than 65 and men older than 75. But younger patients with certain risk factors can also develop osteoporosis," said Dr. Nosheen Mian.

Susan Crosby has had both knees and both hips replaced.

She says, "It was ten years ago. I was 50 then. So that was pretty young."

She is now undergoing bone density testing at St. Vincent North to determine if she has osteoporosis.

The hospital has new technology, a machine called "hologic" that takes a special X-ray of the bone.

"The X-ray arm or the machine equipment arm, kind of goes over their body and it measures bone density or the amount of different minerals, bone minerals, and calcium in their bones," said Dr. Mian.

She also says the levels show whether patients are normal, if they have osteoporosis, or if they osteo penia, which means the patient is at-risk for developing the disease.

The best ways to prevent it? Dr. Mian says to avoid caffeine, get plenty of exercise, calcium, and vitamin D from sun exposure.

"It's like you're investing in a bank account like a retirement fund. The more you put in, if you use it down the line, you'll be better off and not develop osteoporosis," Dr. Mian said.

the bone density test at St. Vincent North is painless and only takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

We're told most insurances do cover it.

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