Experience Virtual Shopping at McCain Mall

(KATV) North Little Rock - Next time you go to McCain Mall, you will be in for a surprise. Retailers that don't have leased space now have a virtual presence. The new experience is here just in time for the holidays.

It is unlike any virtual shopping experience you have probably had, "The Wall" is the first of its kind in the state and one of the first in the country.

Next time you walk into McCain Mall, you will see The Wall, created by Custom XM, a North Little Rock Company.

When you find a product you're interested in, just scan the QR Code. AQR code is a matrix looking black and white barcode. The app to read it is free to download on your smart phone.

When you scan the code, you're taken directly to the advertiser's site where you can purchase or browse more items, all from your phone.

You still need your credit card or paypal account to purchase the item.

Paul Strack is the president of Custom XM. He says, "What makes it even better, once we complete this purchase, these products can be shipped directly to your home. No more waiting around, how convenient can that be?"

The Wall gives home based businesses a chance to have great exposure. For example, at McCain Mall they have about 8 million people walk through annually with the intent to shop.

Lynn Edgerton with Petit Jean Meats says, "This opportunity to be able to be in a mall without an actual retail outlet is something that we're real excited about."

Petit Jean Meats has been open since 1929. Edgerton says they've never had a plan to open a retail shop because the overhead expense, but says this is the next best thing. "Although a lot of people know about Petit Jean meats, we're always looking for ways to reach our customers."

Virtual retailers have a one- time set up fee and pay monthly for 3 to six month contracts.

In 2011, mobile shopping sales reached 9-billion in the U.S.

Strack says the idea started in South Korea. It isn't unusual to wait hours to commute by subway, so a grocery store had the idea to set up pictures of true scale grocery aisles, so you can scan the products you want.