NLR city planners approve request for bullet plant

North Little Rock (KATV) - City planners have approved a request for a bullet maker to have their business near a North Little Rock neighborhood. The North Little Rock Planning Commission voted 5-4 Tuesday to approve a special-use permit for a start-up business called Precision Ammunition Components. The request will head to City Council for final approval. The company wants to make bullet projectiles and test-fire bullets in a former warehouse only a few blocks from Main Street in the Argenta area. Co-founder of Precision Ammunition Components, Patrick Franklin told the planning commission Tuesday that the company would test-fire five to 10 rounds every two hours, but the warehouse would have noise abatement features to reduce sound. Jacob Tipton of Don's Weaponry in North Little Rock explains that EPA laws are designed to keep indoor shooting ranges safe and quite. "None of the air from the inside can get out, therefore none of the sound can get out either" says Tipton. Residents who live in the historic Argenta area aren't as worried about the noise as they are the property value. "They're going to start hurting people's property values" say Argenta resident Don Chambers. John Pflasterer of the NLR neighborhood association is planning on going door-to-door with a petition this week to oppose the permit needed to produce ammo. The NLR city council will have the bullet plant in their agenda later this month or mid-July. Patrick Franklin could not reached for comment before the publishing of this story.