NLR Police Department Hosts 14th Annual Season of Giving

The North Little Rock Police Department's 14th Annual "Season of Giving" is being held today. It benefits 15 single parent families that are in need of assistance this Christmas season.

Many of the families selected were nominated on the Power 92.3 radio website and the families selected were required to meet the criteria of being working, single parent households residing in North Little Rock.

This is the fourteenth year the North Little Rock Police Department has held this event and organizers say it continues to be successful due to donations from the community. In 2006, the North Little Rock Police Department was able to assist seven families. In 2007, the number of families increased to twelve. In 2008, the North Little Rock Police Department assisted 15 families. This event is supported and made possible by toy donations from the North Little Rock Catholic Academy, Immaculate Conception School, and the Junior League of Little Rock.