UPDATE: Arson suspects caught on video

(KATV) North Little Rock police are looking for the suspects who may be responsible for lighting a house on fire on Saturday. The homeowner Teresa Rodgers says she has seen the surveillance video and doesn't recognize the suspects.

"People don't really come to my house if it's not my family really. I don't have friends come to my house so I was just stunned and shocked that it happened. I'm like, who would want to this to me out of all people," Rodgers said.Police are looking for a male and female suspect in connection to a fire, ruled as arson at 4801 Haywood Road. The male suspect was seen on camera exiting a gold Nissan Maxima with a gas can a proceeding to the side of the house which caught on fire. A female suspect can be seen walking around the house and then getting into the car as the get away driver. They were caught on a North Little Rock Police street camera.

"Unannounced to them, they were on camera," Sgt. Brian Dedrick said.

Rodgers has lived in the home for 19 years, which was handed down to her by her mother.

"That was all we had left of her," Rodgers said.

Rodgers says she works two jobs and doesn't have time to create any enemies.

"I work too much to have problems with people," Rodgers said.If you have any information on these two suspects you are asked to call the North Little Rock Police.