NLR training to use Tasers on aggressive pets

North Little Rock (KATV) - A new program for the North Little Rock Animal Control Department will allow them to Tase aggressive dogs. North Little Rock will join, Sherwood, Fort Smith and Benton as Animal Control Departments that use Tasers on aggressive animals. North Little Rock is currently in the training process until August. Until then, NLR Animal Control Officers will be training on nine Tasers, priced at $350 dollars a piece. The same model law enforcement use. The Taser deploys 400 volts for 30 seconds, a police Taser only runs for five seconds. Protection from large, aggressive dogs is the main reason for an Animal Control to be equipped with a civilians Taser. "Until Tasers came along we can stop the initial attack before it even begins" said NLR Animal Control Officer Adam Tindall. "If we're threatened to the point to where we think he's (the pet) is not going to stop and is coming towards us, we're going to use it." The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) says that Tasers or, Electro Muscular Disruption Devices, may only be used as a defensive tool to provide an Animal Control Officer with non-lethal force in response to aggressive humans or dogs in accordance with agency training, policies, and procedures. AVMA also states that Tasers should never be used on cats or other small animals. Sherwood Animal Control has had the program for eight years and says they haven't deployed their Taser once. NLR Animal Control says that'll still use snare poles and bite sticks once the Tasers become part of their equipment full time.