No charges in Arkansas shooting death

SPARKMAN (AP) - Authorities in Ouachita County have ruled a weekend fatal shooting at a turkey camp to be accidental.

Deputies were called Sunday after 36-year-old Jeremy Owens of Beebe was shot. Deputies spoke with 38-year-old Harley R. Brittain, also of Beebe, who was taking Owens to a hospital.

The Daily Citizen reports Brittain told deputies that he and Owens arrived at the camp and that he accidentally shot Owens in the leg with a .40 caliber handgun. Brittain explained that the weapon lodged between two seats in their vehicle and it discharged as he tried to retrieve it.

Brittain acknowledged to deputies that he'd been drinking but Prosecutor Ian Vickery says Arkansas law doesn't prohibit being around firearms while intoxicated. Vickery says he's convinced the death was accidental.

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