Norovirus Outbreak at Trinity Village Nursing Home


A Pine Bluff nursing home has closed its doors to visitors, quarantining the building because of a norovirus outbreak. Last week, the norovirus made 200 people sick on a cruise ship.It was the Trinity Village Nursing Home's decision to quarantine the building. Once administrators realized the norovirus was spreading rapidly, the Department of Health was called in to advise on how to stop it. About 50 people, including workers, have been exposed to the virus. The staff is following Centers for Disease control guidelines to clean and contain the virus. KATV was not allowed in the buildings, but Executive Director Donna Stone did provide us with the following statement:"Family members are being updated on a regular basis. All staff providing care to our residents is going above and beyond the call of duty to assure residents receive appropriate care."{}The health department says the virus is easy to spread to a large number of people through food."Norovirus is only a pathogen in people. We have it in our stool when we get sick and food workers get it on their hands if they don't wash their hands well and they get it in our food," explained health department epidemiologist Dr. Dirk Haselow.Dr. Haselow told said it doesn't take a lot to do a lot of damage. The facility will be closed to visitors until every person is symptom free for 72 hours.


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