North Little Rock looks to cut non-profit funding

(KATV)-The city of North Little Rock says they'll have to make cuts next year to balance the city budget. One of the areas that has a strong possibility of being cut is non-profit organizations. Several of the non-profits applied for the same amount of funding its usually received, despite receiving a letter from the city that the money could be jeopardy. The Boys and Girls Club is just one of many that could lose some or all of their funding from the city of North Little Rock next year. The Boys and Girls Club has three locations in North Little Rock. Though it takes a lot of money to keep them running, the city has given the organization $50,000 annually. The organization has requested the same amount next year, but they may not get it. "Well it goes for all of the programs of course we have to have staff, we have to have electricity, we have to have programs that happen," said Cindy Doramus, the CEO of Central Arkansas Boys and Girls Club. She says the club is a much needed place for kids to go after school and even during the summer. "The thing about the boys and girls club, we're not going to go away, the kids need us, we have to be here. This is their families and the kids count on us, Now we will be here, but the level of programming is directly proportional to the amount of funding that's received," Doramus said. The city gave advance notice that funding it gives to non-profits could be cut next year because revenues have remained flat and expenses have grown. "We are very much acquainted with these organizations, they do great work in the city so we're certainly sensitive to their needs, but at the same time, we have to have a budget and we have to run a city," said North Little Rock Mayor Chief of Staff, Danny Bradley.