North Little Rock police endorse Steele for mayor

A North Little Rock mayoral candidate gets a major endorsement today. The city's police announced that they would endorse Rep. Tracy Steele as the next mayor of the city.

"We certainly weren't surprised the police union has not supported Mayor Hays in the last two elections," said Joe Smith, who is running.

Joe Smith, says he took it somewhat personally when the city's fraternal order of police overwhelmingly chose to endorse his opponent and not him. Smith's father was a police officer in North Little Rock.

"It was personally disappointing for me because my dad was a beat cop and worked his way up to Assistant Chief and I thought that I was part of the police family. So it disappointed me," said Smith.

The police says after hearing what both candidates had to say and asking a series of questions, they simply chose the candidate they felt had their best interest at heart.

"Equipment, training, salaries and so forth. Things that would help us protect the public and after answering those questions. They returned a second time and after that vote it reflected an overwhelming amount of officers wanting to support Tracy Steele for mayor," said Michael Gibbons, of the Fraternal Police Order.

Representative Tracy Steele, who has gotten the support of retired police, firefighters and now working police says he has made public safety his top priority.

"I couldn't be more pleased and I think I received the endorsement because public safety is my number one issue," said Steele.

But whether the candidate police endorsed wins or not, they say, in the end whoever wins the election is their boss.

"We will work with whoever we need to work with and may the best man win," said Gibbons.

The people of North Little Rock get to choose who they believe is the best candidate when they vote Tuesday, November 6th.